Safari Tours

We have an exciting range of small-group set-departure Safari Tours scheduled for 2020 and 2021, aimed at birders, photographers and general wildlife enthusiasts. Our tours are well-paced (the Endemics tours are fast paced, while most of the others tend to be medium to medium-plus in terms of pace), fun and rewarding. We are a nature-based tour operator, committed to delivering first-class birding and wildlife tours, so our itineraries differ from most other operators out there who are not specialized birding / wildlife / nature outfits. We generally exclude lunches, the reason for this being that breakfasts are often late (mid-morning onwards), being more like ‘brunches’, so a full lunch is usually not necessary. Plus group sit-down lunches can use up a lot of time that we’d rather spend in the field birding or game viewing!  See each tour for specific inclusions / exclusions. Note that the actual itineraries may differ slightly according to availability at the time of booking. Contact our safari tour set-departure consultant, Nadine Jones, for more info: If group travel is not your thing, consider a Lawson’s custom safari.

Click on the tiles to visit the tour pages. They are arranged in chronological order, with bird images denoting a primary focus on birds, and mammal photos denoting wildlife tours (but with plenty of cross-over in both cases!). Check us out on Trip Advisor for some independent reviews: Lawson’s on Trip Advisor.

South Africa

Kruger Park Safari
kruger photo safari

Namibia, Botswana & Kenya

Botswana Birding