Visa-free travel in Africa for Americans, by Jackie Edwards.

Freelance travel writer Jackie Edwards has kindly given us this short blurb on visa-free travel in Africa for American passport holders. Just another good reason to come on safari in Africa!

Attention American Travellers! These African Countries are Visa-Free!

According to VisaIndex, the American passport is one of the most respected passports around the globe, ranking fourth in the world. However, not all countries allow Americans to enter for extended stays, requiring special visas and other documentation.

When planning your next vacation, you may be envisioning an exciting destination in the wild that offers adventures on a safari amongst exotic animals and plants. If you are an American and this sounds like you, the good news is that Africa has many options for U.S. passport holders to visit the continent without applying for a specific visa.

The countries in Africa that allow Americans to enter for free (and some that grant a visa on arrival) include:

1.     Botswana – maximum stay of 3 months

2.     Comoros Islands – visa on arrival

3.     Ivory Coast – maximum stay of 90 days

4.     Djibouti – visa on arrival

5.     Egypt – visa on arrival

6.     Equatorial Guinea – maximum stay of 90 days

7.     Lesotho – maximum stay of 180 days

8.     Malawi  – visa on arrival

9.     Morocco – maximum stay of 90 days

10. Namibia – maximum stay of 3 months

11. Rwanda – visa on arrival

12. Senegal – maximum stay of 3 months

13. Seychelles – maximum stay 1 month

14. South Africa – maximum stay of 90 days

15. Swaziland – maximum stay of 30 days

16. Tanzania – visa on arrival

17. Togo – visa on arrival

18. Tunisia – maximum stay of 90 days

19. Zambia – visa on arrival

20. Zimbabwe – visa on arrival

With all of these African visa-free options for US citizens, you can easily plan an unforgettable vacation and see many of the stunning sights that the wildlife in Africa has to offer.